Upcoming Classes & Seminars

Local Classes:
Classes being held through the Honeoye Falls Community program. Course catalog and registration available at this link:  http://www.hflcsd.org/parents.cfm?subpage=291318 

– Obedience Games: Mt Nittany Dog Training Club,  April 29-30, State College, PA

– Obedience/Nosework: Fenzi Dog Sports Academy Sports Camp, June 22-25, 2017, Albany, Oregon

– Nosework: Central Bark Scent-sation, September 23rd, 2017, Central Square, NY

– Obedience/Nosework: Greater Columbia Obedience Club, December 9-10, Columbia, South Carolina

Online Classes:
Taught through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy. Register online! No set times for “class”. Classrooms are open 24/7 and run for 6 weeks.


NW315: Who Let The Dogs In: Incredible Interiors and Confident Containers, Starting August 1, 2017

NW640 Advanced Handler Scent Discrimination Scent Work, Starting August 1, 2017

NW130: Developing Advanced Nosework Skills, Starting October 1, 2017

OB330: Obedience Games, Starting October 1, 2017

NW101: Introduction to Nosework, Starting December 1, 2017

NW620: Introduction to Handler Discrimination Scent Work, Starting December 1, 2017

NW120: Intro to Nosework Search Elements, Starting February 1, 2017