Hi! I’m Julie Symons. Thanks for stopping by.

K9 Rivalry was formed in 2000 out of my love of teaching and training my Belgian Tervuren Rival. The name gives homage to the dog who changed it all for me. Rival opened up my world to the wonderful world of dog sports and people who share my same passion. The name symbolizes improving your game to be the best you can be!

I’m a Professional Dog Trainer, working for working for Fenzi Dog Sports Academy and teaching Nosework to local enthusiasts.

My background includes involvement in many dog sports for over 20 years. Starting with my mix breed Dreyfus in flyball, I went on to train and compete in conformation, agility, obedience, herding and tracking with my first Belgian Tervuren Rival. She was my Novice A dog and together we became the first CH OTCH MACH Belgian Tervuren. We competed and placed in many regional and national events, winning Ultimate Dog (High Combined in Utility and Agility) at the All Star tournament in 2002, along with being the repeat 60 weave pole champs!

My current Belgian Tervuren Savvy is also a breed and agility champion. We earned our TDX (Tracking Dog Excellent) title in the fall of 2014, intensifying my love for scent sports!  In the summer of 2016, we earned our UD (Obedience Utility Dog) and then added a NW3 title to our accomplishments in the fall. After learning about Nosework in 2012, it has been my focus for training and teaching others about this wonderful sport!

My newest training companion is Drac, a 20month old Belgian Malinois. He is well on his way on being a versatile team player, training in Nosework (NW1), tracking, obedience and agility.

One of my favorite things is a versatile team!  I truly believe that participating in multiple sports is enriching to both person and dog and builds on that mutual partnership and trust. I am a consummate learner and energetic instructor, immersing myself in everything dog training!  While teaching agility in the early 2000s, I found how rewarding it was to teach and help others. The simple truth? People just really love their dogs and enjoy doing activities with them. Knowing this helps set the tone for how I run classes; giving students ample working time, staying positive when things get challenging, and giving more than 100% of my efforts toward their development.

In my other life, I am married to a very supportive husband and we are happily raising our 13 year old son. I also work part-time at Xerox as a Software Manager. I work very hard at balancing life and hope I am succeeding at “doing it all”.